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Posted:  27 Mar 2010 16:37
Using script commands:

10  ftpdownload file, $;
11  if ftpresult eq success begin
12    filewriteline $;
13  end

I can't run the script, the error is:
Script Engine: Parse Error on line 12 - Incorrect number of parameters
ERROR: FTP script could not be parsed. 1 parse error(s)

If I use a quoted string "dummy.txt" or string variable instead of $ on line 12, then there is no error.

setvar ~remote_name, $;
filewriteline ~remote_name;

I suggest that the value of .name should be useful anywhere that a string is specified.
Posted:  06 Apr 2010 10:08
Thank you for reporting this issue. Our developers have been notified of this issue and a fix for this should be made available soon.

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