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Posted:  29 Mar 2010 05:19
I have installed Multiserver 5.14:  I am logging on from another computer using Cute FTP v 8 Professional (with which I am quite familiar).

Problem # 1:  I can establish a standard FTP connection: but I can neither upload, download, nor delete files/folders in the active directory.

Problem # 2:  I am completely unable to establish an SFTP using SSH2 connection to my new Multiserver 5.14.

Here is the Cute FTP dialogue box:

Here is the Sysax Server Account Settings:

These configuration documents can also be seen in pdf here:



Question:  what am I doing wrong?
Posted:  29 Mar 2010 05:20
Posted:  29 Mar 2010 05:49
Maybe this Cute FTP dialogue of the error will help?
Posted:  29 Mar 2010 17:45
Further to this problem:  I am wondering why my the  https web-based admin is grayed out. ...

Is this inhibiting my ability to administer the SFTP using SSH2 connection?
Posted:  06 Apr 2010 10:23
For the connection problems, there could be a couple of problems here. First, please check if you have configured any firewalls in your network for access to the needed ports.

The cuteftp snapshot seems to indicate that the account did not have the needed permissions for the files you were trying to transfer.

Finally, the secure https web admin has no relation to the ssh2 connection, but this should be working in the trial edition also - you might want to upgrade to version 5.18 and check if you have access to the secure web admin functionality

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