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Posted:  27 Sep 2010 15:58
I want to be able to copy a folder & subfolders to multiple clients outside of our AD forest at specific intervals during the day and night. I can't use ftp, but can use sftp because it only uses a specific port. Will Sysax FTP Automation allow me to do this? Would it transfer the whole file/files every time, or can it just transfer the deltas?
Posted:  14 Oct 2011 01:58
Not sure this is what you are looking for, but I have a temp folder where i put files to be FTP'd, then have the script move the files to their final destination (in my case an archive folder).  So every time the script runs the only files in the temp folder are the ones that have not been sent yet.

setvar ~local_move_dest_path, "D:\\VENDORS\\PODS.ARCHIVE";

      # move a file to a specified path after file is uploaded
        ftpmovelocal $, ~local_move_dest_path;

        if ftpresult eq success begin
          # print a message to the user.
          print "command: ftpmovelocal; argument: ", $, ", ", ~local_move_dest_path, "; status: pass;";

        end else begin
          # print a message to the user.
          print "command: ftpmovelocal; argument: ", $, ", ", ~local_move_dest_path, "; status: fail;";

Posted:  29 Oct 2011 21:03
The entire file would be transferred. You can move transferred items as mentioned in the post above or you can check last modified time on the files and transfer only files that are later than a specific timestamp.

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Posted:  10 Jul 2012 13:12
Hi everybody... I hope somebody can assist me....
I need to automate an upload of 1 file daily to an SFTP external to my AD environment. When I connect manually via FileZilla to the IP, over SFTP, I can authenticate and drag / drop the file from local to remote folder - no problems - when I try and automate this process - Authentication fails - using port 22 or 21.. is there anything particular I need to change to allow this file transfer to happen please?
thanks for your time and efforts - much appreciated
Posted:  10 Jul 2012 13:16
never mind guys... my problem resolved :-)
thanks all the same!!
Posted:  24 Sep 2013 22:49
Andre, I am having the same issue. What was your fix?
Posted:  28 Sep 2013 14:40
Hi Zwilliams. Using the Sysax FTP Automation Suite to upload a file via SFTP worked for me.
One thing you might be overlooking is the port number. SFTP uses port 22 by default, and in the process of creating the automation script, the port number must be changed to port 22 from its default port 21, or manually in the script before running it.

If you are still having problems with configuring your script, please file a support ticket so that we can assist you.

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