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Posted:  13 Oct 2010 17:15   Last Edited By: zharvek

Giving the server a shot here for personal use, running on Windows 2003 Server, 32-bit.

Sysax Multi-Server is running using local authentication (itself, not AD) and I created a user and all.

Trying to scp a file from my linux VPS to the windows server, transfers, says lost connection. I look at the file system on the windows side. I have a file named "--" without quotes. Contains the data though.

Ran command:
scp /usr/local/bin/(program) backup@***.***.net:/

Stars replace my windows server host name.

Using password authentication does same as public key auth, currently using public key auth as this will be part of the backup CRON script.

Any reason why this file "--" would be created? I have set permissions on the folder it's going to as LOCAL SERVICE not working, Everyone, not working went back to my default for now.

Sysax log file says:
10/13/2010 11:04:11 AM: [WARN] SCP Connection (***.106.***.129) failed to upload file Z:\Backups\--

Thanks guys!

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