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Posted:  13 Oct 2010 22:13
I have set up an ODBC connection which tests successfully.  Sysax "Create Table" and "Test Table" buttons both work correctly. 

So right now I'm just using the default table schema and default queries.

Yet when I hit the server with the client it keeps failing authentication, and I don't see anything in a SQL trace (whereas I do using the "Test Table" button).  Why would that be?

Also, I will need to move to custom queries eventually.  Exactly what needs to be returned for SQL Query 1 (user/password authentication)?
Posted:  14 Oct 2010 20:18
By the way I'm using 5.3 trial edition.

I need to see if this will work with my solution before I can recommend the product in my proposal that the client is waiting on.  Any ideas?

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