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Posted:  16 Nov 2010 11:36
Is it possible to add new user to the multi server using a C# program? Do you have some kind of program API?
Posted:  26 Apr 2014 18:36
Hi Erling,

There is no API set up for adding users, but you might be able to use C# to create a CSV file of users and their account information, then import it into the Sysax Multi Server manually.

From the Sysax Multi Server control panel, you can click on Configure for Authentication methods. At this point, you can import a CSV file with a list of users.

The instructions for creating a CSV file can be found by clicking on the Help buttom on the control panel, then Authentication methods, then Importing Local Accounts from a CSV file.

Sysax support
Posted:  30 Apr 2014 14:54
Hi Subashini,

Welcome to the forum. Please feel free to post a new topic.

Sysax support
Posted:  08 May 2015 14:12
Hello everyone, thank you for this forum and already existing topics - it is a broad source of knowledge.

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