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Posted:  11 Feb 2011 00:41
I am currently evaluating your product, the multiserver is great and now I'm working on your ftp automation. The scripting is working great, I'm able to upload, download, delete, move, everything I need to do works great...but my last step is to automate the decryption of pgp files.
I have public keys currently out there, and currently working manually with PGP desktop, everything works great, but when trying to automate the decryption process a get a success statement, but the decrypted file is empty. Using the cmd window, even though it states Successful, I do see errors,
packet-parse.c:2164:unknown, Packet was not consumed
packet-parse.c:355: OPS_E_R_READ_FAILED. Read Failed
compress.c:297:Unknown, compression algorithm 146 is not yet supported
packet-parse.c:1026:OPS_E_PROTO_BAD_PUBLIC_KEY_VRSN, Bad public version (0xa9)
packet-parse.c:2991: OPS_E_P_UNKNOWN_TAG, Unknown content tag )x14

Any suggestions?, I would like to move forward with your product but I need to beable to decrypt a PGP file.

Posted:  11 Feb 2011 19:42
What pgp software was used to encrypt the files? Was compression enabled during encryption?
Posted:  11 Feb 2011 21:03
PGP desktop 10.0, yes the compression was completed during encryption.

thanks for your help
Posted:  12 Feb 2011 05:58
Could you try turning off compression when you are encrypting the file and then check if you can decrypt the file correctly? Also, what are the typical sizes of the files that you are working with?

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Posted:  27 Aug 2013 19:32
I got the same problem when trying to decrypt a text file from a vendor.  If I use OpenPGP to decrypt, the decryption is successful.  But the decryption failed if I use sysax.

Any resolution for this?
Posted:  17 Sep 2013 22:00
Automated PGP decrytion worked for me with a binary file using Sysax Server 6.12 on Windows 2003 Server. The client in the test was Windows XP with Sysax FTP Automation 6 and PGPfreeware 6.5.8.

So, to test on a text file, I used the same setup as above, however, downloading and decrypting using the script gave me a text file with no contents.

I then commented out the line with "pgpdecrypt" in the script, downloaded the text file using the script, and then manually decrypted the file, which gave me a complete text file.

The problem does appear to be in Sysax FTP Automation 6. I'll file a support ticket and hopefully we can get this issue resolved in the next release.

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