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Posted:  10 Mar 2011 18:51
I'm testing the Sysax Multi Server and operationally, it works well. However, I want to edit the appearance of the site. I can edit the style sheet and make minor changes using the template file functionality, but I can't seem to figure out how to add images. Specifically, I would like to add an image for the page header. I can add and change text in the header area via the template file, but referenced images do not show. Where in the file system do I need to place the images so I can reference them?
Posted:  19 May 2013 22:40
Hi Clay,

The template loads the images from the folder where the Sysax Multi Server was installed, e.g C:\Program Files\SysaxServer, that's where you will also find the image that's used on the default login webpage-called loginacc.gif

I hope that this helps.
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