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Posted:  18 Mar 2011 00:38
SFTP - what if I setup automatic Block IP after 5 tries in 300 secs.

Is a list maintained?  If I stop and start the server will auto blocked IP's be allowed in again.  Do I need to get them from the log and actually listed them as Blocked.

Can I unblock one if a client just messes up?

Posted:  19 Mar 2011 19:29
OK I recieved the answer - the block IP's are put in the list and can be removed as needed.

One suggestion is to increase the size of the list box control holding the restricted IP's it is really small....
Posted:  18 Dec 2014 19:52
Please someone help. We set Sysax to block IPs after 10 failed attempts in 5 minutes.  I do not see the blocked sites listed anywhere and I have to uplock one.  Does anyone know where they are stored.  They do not show up in the blocked IP address field as I thought they would.

Please help!!
Posted:  19 Dec 2014 16:09
Hi Npidgeon1214,

The workaround to allow a blocked IP address, due to too many failed attempts, is to restart the server, then go into the security settings section and delete the address of the blocked IP.

This should be able to accomplished without a restart of the server, so I'll file a ticket concerning this.

Sysax support

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