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Posted:  29 Mar 2011 09:32
Hi there,

I have a machine with 2003 R2 and migrated it to 2008 R2 (no SP1). Before migration I never had this problem I have now.

If I move a file to a subfolder where already a file is existing with the same file name, the new file gets renamed to "copy of <filename>". Any further copy action should add numbers like "copy (2) of <filename>" and so on. This is the case on 2003 server but not at 2008R2: the sysax server hangs up for 3 minutes and then the file was not copied.

Anyone can confirm this is a bug or this should work?

By the way: I have IIS for FTP-S on the same machine, IIS sais "Error details: File system returned an error." Shouldnt be that more reliable than copying further versions of the file?

Best regards, Jochen

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