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Posted:  28 Apr 2011 14:48

I already browsed your forums to find an answer to my question, but no explaination worked for me.

I want to setup a public/private keys auth for a SFTP account.
I generated a key pairs with PuttyGen (SSH2-RSA 2048 bits, no pass phrase) and saved them. I converted it to openssh and renamed the public key with .pem extension and uploaded it to the sysax server (win 2003) and linked it to the SFTP account (in Pub key auth (SSH) field).

On the connecting computer (Win7 x64), with FileZilla client, I set the private key. I configured the SFTP account for connexion, with username and password. When connecting, I get the "the host server key is unknown" message, which is the message from the main Sysax SSL certificate key.

So in fact the connecting client doesn't get any answer from the public key linked to the account.

I tried several other ways to test, none of them worked:
- Tried keys with pass phrase.
- Tried to copy key text from PuttyGen to text file instead of converting to openssh.
- Tried 1024 bits keys.

Can someone explain with a detailed procedure on how to set it up, with detailed keys settings to choose and how to link it the right way to the sftp account on the sysax server ?

Thanks a lot :-)

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