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Posted:  27 Sep 2011 08:52

I am using the professional 30 day edition

I have written an upload script that runs but does not upload.

I have attached the output if someone can help

I have attached where it jumps in the script and does not do the upload

9/27/2011 4:36:06 PM: [   ] 30 day Professional edition license 30 day Trial, 30 days remaining
9/27/2011 4:37:06 PM: [   ] Script Engine: Line 47: Executing ftpsetpath. Parameter(s):  remote  ~remote_path
9/27/2011 4:37:06 PM: [   ] Script Engine: Line 52: Executing ftpgetlist. Parameter(s):  local  @local_list
9/27/2011 4:37:06 PM: [   ] Successfully obtained local folder listing
9/27/2011 4:37:06 PM: [   ] Script Engine: Line 90: Executing ftpdisconnect
Posted:  02 Oct 2011 10:49
It looks like you have specified some conditions for an upload to happen. The upload is skipped because these conditions are not being met. You can file a support ticket and someone will work with you on this. Also if you have not yet done so, please download and install the latest version of the product that was just released - it has many features to make debugging a script a lot easier.

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