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Posted:  14 Oct 2011 01:18
I have two FTP scripts that work great, but now I need to set up an SFTP script.  I need a public key and a private key, but don't have putty on the W2003 server where Sysax is running.

My question is: can I create the keys on my PC using Putty and then copy them to the W2003 server, or must the keys be generated on the server on which they will be used?

Posted:  14 Oct 2011 01:19
BTW, it would be great if the Sysax tool had a key generator that would create the keys.
Posted:  29 Oct 2011 19:45
You can generated the keys on your PC with putty. All information is contained in the private and public key files that are generated and there is no machine dependence.

There is a feature request open for supporting key pair generation using the sysaxftp tool. It is expected to be supported on a future product release.

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