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Posted:  01 Nov 2011 20:32   Last Edited By: erickd
I am trying to run the CHMOD command but the attributes do not get changed. Below are the script and the log. version 5.25


settransfertype ascii;
ftpupload file, "test.csv";
ftpsize ~filesize, "test.csv";
ftpmodtime ~filetime, "test.csv";
ftpcustomcmd "SITE CHMOD 777 test.csv";


227 Entering Passive Mode (9,149,19,58,251,97)
STOR test.csv
150 Opening data connection for test.csv.
226 Transfer complete.
MDTM 20110915204537 test.csv
550 %s: A file or directory in the path name does not exist.
Could not update remote file time
CWD /ftpdata/am/user/amfuser
250 CWD command successful.
257 "/ftpdata/am/user/amfuser" is current directory.
Script Engine: Line 11: Executing ftpsize. Parameter(s):  ~filesize  "test.csv"
SIZE test.csv
213 3046006
Script Engine: Line 12: Executing ftpmodtime. Parameter(s):  ~filetime  "test.csv"
MDTM test.csv
213 20111101182525
Script Engine: Line 13: Executing ftpcustomcmd. Parameter(s):  "SITE CHMOD 777 test.csv"
Script Engine: Script execution complete
Script completed with an exit code of 0
Posted:  02 Nov 2011 19:38
The latest version (5.27) available from seems to execute ftpcustomcmd correctly. Can you try using that release?

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