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Posted:  22 Nov 2011 11:59

I look for a custom script for my FTP server (pure-ftpd) server.

A script that allows me to identify the downloaded files (mp3) with users.

I look for a script to add a unique ID for a 1 track of each music folder located in my FTP section.
After each user downloads a file it must have a unique ID so i can identify the file by which user was downloaded.

After with this file can find the person who downloaded it from my FTP.
Posted:  24 Nov 2011 18:27

For support with a script for pure ftpd server, your best bet is to contact the developers or support team of that product.

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Posted:  05 Dec 2011 17:07
Hi You guys have the worst support. I been having an issue since the start of using this tool but i never hear back. You dont even have a conatct info.
I just sent you another email for the 5th time.
Posted:  05 Dec 2011 17:31
Have you filed a support ticket at ?
If so, what is your support ticket number?

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