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Posted:  09 Dec 2011 18:13
I want to move Sysax to a new server, where can I find the configuration files so I don't have to re-enter all the settings manually?
Thanks !
Posted:  22 Feb 2012 03:40
I'd like to know that as well
Posted:  07 Dec 2012 01:16
You can backup and transfer your old server settings by copying over the contents of the codeorigin\SysaxServer folder in the application data folder. For example, in Windows XP, this path would be C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Codeorigin\SysaxServer. In Windows Vista/7/2008, this path would be C:\ProgramData\Codeorigin\SysaxServer

Please note that all paths referenced in the configuration file must also exist in the new server.

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