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Posted:  17 Oct 2012 17:53
Hello everyone,

I want to create a Sysax Account and give him  permissions for two paths. First path is for example:
"C:\Folder1" and the second one is "C:\Folder2".
The first path is the home path. When I logg in via https I only see the files in the first path. I don't have the chance to chose between the two paths, the second path isn't reachable.

Is there a possibility to get into the second path or can I only get into my home path?

Thank you in advance!

Best Regards
Posted:  20 Oct 2012 07:05   Last Edited By: sysaxsupport
The home path will be the default path or the main directory when the user accesses the server. This will become the head of all his sub-folders. You can only set one home path, thus other paths you have created would no longer be displayed.

You can map the second folder as a virtual path that is inside the home path. This should enable access to the second folder also.
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