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Posted:  15 Feb 2013 09:04
Can I configure multiserver log write flush?

I have configured now my 5.67 Pro-version log file to create new version every day. But until midnight, current log file size is zero. Program doesn't flush log text until service is stopped (that I don't want to do in production) or day is changed.

It should flush log in real time.

Can it be configured or is it feature?

Posted:  28 Sep 2013 14:51
Hi Sami, I am using Sysax FTP server 6.12. The log file is being written to in real time, so I am unable to reproduce what you are seeing.

I suggest upgrading to this latest version of the Sysax FTP Server, and if you are still having problems, create a support ticket so that your issue can be more fully investigated.

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