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Posted:  25 Mar 2013 14:06
how do I have to configure local users to work with a radius authentication server? when I connect to ftp server, username and my one-time-password are successfully sent to my radius auth server, the server itself says that the authentication is successful but the ftp login process stops.
Posted:  21 May 2013 22:03
Hi alexv,

If you are still having trouble with this, please submit a support ticket so that our support team can have a better look at it.


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Posted:  29 Jul 2013 17:54
If your problum stii on you can take help from local administration also.
Posted:  16 Sep 2013 22:46
Hi Alexv, there are no known problems with the Sysax Multi Server using RADIUS authentication.

If you are still having problems with configuring your system, or believe that there is a problem with Sysax Multi Server, please click on Submit Support Ticket above and include the details of the Multi Server authentication settings and your RADIUS settings.

Sysax Support

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