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Posted:  11 Jun 2013 09:43
could not open private key file
An error occured during key exchange Priv key
Script Engine: Script command error: Incremented
I am using sftp to connect to a remote site. I generated a key with Puttygen and save the private key with no password. When I use sysax FTP Automation I get the error below. When I use other SFTP software it works 100% with the same keys. Could this be something that I do wrong in my script?

internal error count to 1
Script Engine: Line 105: Executing stringjoin. Parameter(s):  ~connect_error_message  "Could not connect to "  ~server_address  " on port "  ~server_port  " for user "  ~login_name
Could not connect to IP on port 22 for user NAME
Script Engine: Script did not complete correctly.
Script completed with an exit code of 1
Posted:  12 Jun 2013 13:29
Hi there,

Can you tell me if the key was saved from puttygen in openssh format?

Kind regards,
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