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Posted:  19 Dec 2013 16:37
I tried this setup.  Under user account selection, I created an account using "Configure accounts..." button.  This account is the same name as a windows user.  I then selected the "Use windows and Sysax user accounts. (setting) and under that I selected "Log into the windows account but use the Sysax account user settings"
I thought that this would allow the windows authentication for the account but use the settings under the "Congfigure accounts...".  The user was set to an E:\path home directory, but when authenticating using windows the home directory is the windows user profile and not the setting under "Configure accounts...".  Why doesn't this work?

Another questions is can public key be used for an AD/windows user or only for a local Sysax user?
Posted:  19 Dec 2013 16:52
It seemed that the sysax user settings did not apply to the home folder when windows user was used, but the public key is working.  The home folder was set when windows user is used in the home path permissions settings.  Disregard this post.  I think I figured this out, thanks.
Posted:  22 Dec 2013 18:26
Hi Dbilbo, thank you for your input.

If you have further issues, please post again.

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