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Posted:  04 Feb 2014 13:02
Hello there,

is it possible, to run the ftprunprogram only if there was a new file on ftp?

Actually, i skip files if they are still in local path. But the program would be executed everytime. Can I get somewhere a result from the setduperules-function?

Thanks in advance (and maybe sorry for bad english)!
Posted:  10 Feb 2014 20:52
Hi Marcoo,

I would set up a script to run under Manage Task Execution as a triggered task, that way a "Download files or folders to my computer" script, which includes the ftprunprogram, only runs when there is a change on the FTP server.

While setting up this triggered task, you can choose to run the script from the command line with paramaters that include a log file. From this help file, view item 16 for assistance on using command line parameters - C:/Program Files/SysaxAutomation/doc/html/ftpscript/index_frames.html

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