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Posted:  17 Feb 2014 01:58
I want to use a maped drive for a user. But he see's only a slash and no files. The rights are set correctly in the windows system. When I use a local folder its OK. Can Sysax Multi Server Prof edition use maped drives to offer them to users ?
Please let me know.
Posted:  17 Feb 2014 15:55
Hi Ralf,

I need to know the verion of Windows hosting the Sysax FTP server, which operating system your user is using, and is the user using an FTP client, a web browser, or Sysax Automation tool?
Posted:  17 Feb 2014 16:06
Version Of Sysax is the latest (6.xx)
OS MS Server 2008 32 Bit
FTP-Client filezilla

Protocol sftp + ssh

Local drives are working without errors. Only the network-drives ....
Posted:  17 Feb 2014 16:07
Thank you for your help
Posted:  17 Feb 2014 19:53
Hi Ralf, I was able to get this working.

Note that when a user logs in by FTP, he may not have permission to read the same network drives which are read/write available to the PC hosting the Sysax FTP server.

I needed to go to the actual machine on which the mapped network drive was located, and change the permissions on that particular folder to allow read/write access to everybody. For security, you should just add permissions for the users you want to have access that folder on that mapped drive.

In other words, users of the FTP client should be able to access the server's mapped drives through explorer anyway, without the PC with the FTP server being in the middle.

I hope this helps.

Sysax support
Posted:  18 Feb 2014 19:07
I've solved the problem by myself. If you will use the full networkpath (\\\share) as homedirectorypath it works fine
Thank you for your help johnu

Posted:  21 Feb 2014 17:19
Hi Ralf,

I'm glad this is working for you. Thanks for your input as to how you accomplished this.

Sysax support

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