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Posted:  20 Oct 2014 04:52
I can't get the port forwarding working.  I have tested against an OPENSSH server we have and my port forward syntax is working fine however when i point to my Sysan Multi Server I get the following error:

Failed to add server-to-client port forwarding rule on Operation rejected.

I verified port 8181 is not being used; can you help?  Thanks
Posted:  20 Oct 2014 15:01
Hi Mstokes,

Port forwarding is a feature of only the Pro and Enterprise editions of the Sysax Multi Server. You can compare the features of different products here -

If you are using a Pro or Enterprise edition, and are still having problems, please file a ticket so that we can help you debug the problem. You can file a ticket here -

Sysax support
Posted:  22 Oct 2014 19:13
Thank you; I opened a ticket.  I do have a licensed Enterprise version.
Posted:  30 Oct 2014 16:24
Hi Mkstokes,

Thank you for opening a ticket. You should have been contacted by support by now.

Sysax support

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