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Posted:  30 Oct 2014 15:45
I was wondering if you could use the FTPAutomation program to generate a script that just copies two specific files from a domain server to a server in the perimeter network.

I realize that one possible solution is to generate a script that uploads the files to a FTP server and then generate a new script that downloads them.

Posted:  30 Oct 2014 16:22
HI Kragster,

The idea of two scripts seems to the best idea for your plan. One script could be a scheduled script, and the other a triggered script. That seems like the simplest solution, and would be easier to troubleshoot problems than a single script.

An alternative solution, is that if you could map one of the remote computers as a local drive, (and you have the proper permissions to transfer files to it), then you could do the file transfers with a single script.

Sysax support
Posted:  04 Nov 2014 17:53
Hi Kragster,

I need to add this information in case you are going to use a mapped drive in your script.

This mapping happens only on your desktop and so the script sees it when you run it manually.
However, when you schedule for execution,
the script runs as a windows service and does not have access to the mapped drive.
The solution in this case is to directly specify the path to the network drive. This would be
something like: "\\\\netdrive\\folder\\subfolder\\file"

Note that you have to escape the backslash characters within quotes with another backslash.

Sysax support

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