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Posted:  01 Dec 2014 19:01
The new Version 6.37 of Sysax Multi Server is now ready for download at

Instructions for updating your present version are here:

The new version includes added stability, SSL3 is now disabled by default, and also, with one click, you can disable weak ciphers/MACs for SSH2 protocol.

SSL3 can be turned back on with one click, but since a bug has been found in the SSL3 cryptography protocol which could be exploited to intercept data that’s supposed to be encrypted between computers and servers, it is suggested that you leave SSL3 disabled until this Poodle bug is fixed.

Symantec has an informative article concerning the Poodle bug - ...

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Posted:  01 Dec 2014 20:34
Concerning the new release of Sysax Multi Server 6.37, I forgot to add that Secure Shell (SSH2) port forwarding has been fixed, plus you can now enable or disable both local and remote port forwarding.

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