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Posted:  25 Feb 2015 18:41
Hi all,

I have sftp script to download files from remote server to local server.

But the local path name contains accented character like "\\\Test\\From$\\Régime et sport\\test\\")
I have a blank space in accented character place

Script Engine: Line 4: Executing setvar. Parameter(s):  ~local_path  "\\Test\From$\R gime et sport\test\"

Nevertheless, I have to manage paths written with accented character.
Is there any way to solve this issue?
Thanks in advance
Posted:  26 Feb 2015 18:48
Hi maxmax,

I have answered your question in the ticket that you filed.

The solution was to use a *.VBS script (which does handle Régime) created by the Sysax FTP Automation suite, and then to run that script via a *.bat file by using the Sysax FTP Automation suite's scheduler.

The contents of the batch file is:

"cscript c:\script.vbs"

Sysax support
Posted:  27 Feb 2015 16:36
Hi Junruh,

Thanks for your reply,
I have not receive a reply in my webmail.

Sorry i don't understand,
You mean to rewrite my script in vbs
Is possible to use in fscr script CHCP 1252 codes

Posted:  28 Feb 2015 15:41
Hi Maxmax,

Sysax emails and my own personal emails to you bounced back.

If you could send your accurate email address to my temporary email - yoshimura89 at, then I can send you my full answer again.

Sysax support

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