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Posted:  04 Mar 2015 16:48
Can anyone else help?

I use mailaddfile when sending email status reports to add a text file containing md5 details of an uploaded file that has been processed by my script.

The attachment is created fine and added to the outgoing email but it strips out the file name and so users receive an email with an unnamed attachment with no file extension and they are a pain to open.

Is this a bug, are there any other parameters that can be used to resolve this or is there any other workaround?

My script looks like this:

mailcreate "FOCUS", "", "File upload status confirmation", "Successful upload";
stringjoin ~mailtext, "Please see attached file for MD5 hash of the upload - ", ~md5filename;
mailaddline ~mailtext;
mailaddfile ~md5stored;
mailsend "", 25, "User", "";
Posted:  04 Mar 2015 18:12
Hi Richardt,

I have not heard similar complaints, and it may be a possible bug, so I would really like to see the entire script.

Could you please file a formal ticket here -

Just copy in what you have written above, attach your script, and if you need to, change the passwords in the script to "password".

Sysax support
Posted:  04 Mar 2015 18:22
Thanks Junruh, I did log a case already but did not attach the entire script, just the same snippet as above so I will go update the case now.

Thanks for your help


Posted:  05 Mar 2015 13:54
For our other readers, there was a problem with the formatting of the original script.

One example line, such as: setvar ~md5filepath, "D:/temp/"; should have been formatted in this manner: setvar ~md5filepath, "D:\\temp\\";

Sysax support

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