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Posted:  23 Mar 2015 18:54   Last Edited By: junruh
The new Version 6.39 of Sysax Multi Server is now ready for download at

Instructions for updating your present version are here -

Besides added stability, a new feature is that users can now change their passwords using a web browser.

The server administrator would need to enable server protocol http or https or both.

The user would visit this link in order to change their password: or depending upon which protocols are enabled by the server administrator.

Another new feature: If you have enabled server script execution based on connected user events, and have selected the check box "Execute script after file rename", there are two new regular variables available,  ~SERVER_OLDFILENAME and ~SERVER_OLDABSFILENAME. Example using is that print statements can be added if file rename is triggered.

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Posted:  23 Mar 2015 19:28   Last Edited By: sysax
Note: If the user is attempting to change their password, they may need to put a colon port-number after the .com if the server is not using the standard http port 80 or https port 443.

Sysax support

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