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Sysax FTP Automation is file transfer client software capable of automating complex file transfer sequences and associated file processing. It enables files to be sent or obtained privately on the internet by connecting to other file transfer servers. The software provides the following capabilities:

Protected file transfers

  • Secure file transfer: Support for SFTP and FTPS encrypted file transfers in addition to FTP
  • Secure authentication: Public key authentication, protected passwords, and client side SSL certificates

Unattended task execution

  • Scheduled tasks: Tasks can be set to repeat at specific time intervals
  • Folder monitoring: Tasks can be run based on the status of a monitored folder
  • Parallel execution: Multiple tasks can be run in parallel

Pre/Post processing of files

  • OpenPGP support: OpenPGP based Encryption and decryption of files before or after transfer
  • Zip compression: Compress or uncompress files being transferred
  • File and system actions: Filename manipulation, copy/move/delete, run custom programs, and so on
  • Email notification: Monitor status of transfers and file operations and notify issues by email

Ease of task creation

  • Task wizard: Task scripts can be easily generated using the task wizard
  • Upload and download: The task wizard can generate upload and download tasks with pre/post processing actions
  • Backup and mirroring: The task wizard can generate backup and mirroring related tasks
  • Synchronization and comparison: The task wizard can generate tasks that perform two way synchonization or folder comparison
  • Script editor and debugger: Generated task scripts can be customized and tested line by line with an integrated editor and debugger

Flexible usage

  • Command line execution: Task scripts can be executed from the command line or from within batch files without the need to schedule them
  • Secure replacement for ftp.exe: Sysaxftp.exe is a secure drop-in replacement for the ftp.exe tool that ships with Windows
  • Component (COM) object: The FTP Automation Component object can be used to automate file transfers from within other scripting and programming languages like VBScript, Javascript, C#, and VB .net

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