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Secure FTP Server
IETF Standards Compliant

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Sysax Multi Server is file transfer server software. It enables the secure exchange of files between individuals and organizations over the internet. Files can be received from others or made available for download privately. The software provides the following capabilities:

Multiple file transfer methods

  • SFTP file transfer: Secure file transfer based on secure shell (SSH2) encryption technology
  • FTP and FTPS file transfer: Original file transfer protocol now optionally secured with SSL encryption technology
  • HTTP(s) Web based file transfer: Enables client side file transfer using any web browser without the need for special file transfer client software
  • Remote shell access: Secure shell or telnet based command line access including support for port forwarding
  • Simultaneous multi-protocol access: Enable access using all of the above methods for maximum compatibility and interoperability

Multiple authentication options

  • Stand-alone accounts: User accounts created and managed within the software without external dependencies
  • Windows NTLM accounts: Authenticate incoming connections using existing local windows accounts on the computer system
  • Active directory/LDAP: Provide access for user accounts that are managed by central domain controllers
  • Public key authentication: Passwordless SFTP authentication for accounts using SSH public keys
  • Radius 2FA: Radius two-factor authentication
  • External user database: Authentication using user accounts maintained in an external database (ODBC)

Secure and Reliable

  • SSL certificate management: Create certificate signing requests (CSR) and generate self-signed certificates
  • Security standards compliance: Configurable to comply with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and GDPR data access requirements and strong encryption
  • FIPS 140-2 compliance: Configurable to use only FIPS 140-2 validated modules and algorithms
  • Access restriction: Access from only specific IP addresses or hostnames can be allowed or blocked. Automatic blocking based on multiple login failures within a specific time limit
  • Access logging: detailed logging of all server activities to file and a log database with rollover support

Easy to setup and maintain

  • Activity triggers: Automatically initiate server side activities such as OpenPGP encryption or email notification based on files transferred or login attempts of users
  • Automatic startup: Runs as a windows service and can be configured to automatically start on system boot
  • Web based administration: Secure remote administration of the server using any web browser
  • Administration API: Server administation API can be scripted or accessed from the command prompt
  • Web interface customization: User facing Web file transfer and other interfaces can be customized

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