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4.3. Select SSL Certificate

Select SSL certificate program is used to generate Server side SSL certificate. A self signed cetificate can be generated if required by clicking onCreate Certificate button. Select Self signed Certificate can be generated if required by clicking on Create certificate button.Select SSL Cert path to browse folder for ssl certificate.A self signed certificate can be created by filling in the certificate for one year from the date of creation.

Figure 4.3. SSL certificate

SSL certificate

User can select cert file by clicking of "Browse" button.

The certificate parameters are listed below.

Server name-In which user's to specify the name of server.
Group name-In which user's to specify the group name of an organization.
Company name-In which user's to specify the name of company where the certificate is used.
City Name-In which user's to specify the city where the organization using the certificate is used.
State Name-In which user's to specify the state where the organization using the certificate is based.
Country Name-In which user's to specify the country where the organization using the certificate is based.

Figure 4.4. self signed SSL certificate

self signed SSL certificate

Click "Create SSL certificate" button to generate the SSL Certificate.

Figure 4.5. SSL certificate message

SSL certificate message

the ssl certificate will be created message shown in dialog box.

By clicking "ok" button SSL certificate was successfully wrote in a specified location.