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4.4. Specify IP Restrictions

Specify IP restrictions Features allows to connect the server only a specific IP address. There are two IP restrictions methods are used. The first method is used to block the invalid IP address which should not be allowed access to client.The second method is used to allow the connection from the following IP address only which should be allowed the server connection to particular client.

Block connection from the following IP address only-In which User's to specify which IP's should be blocked.
Allow connection from the following IP address onlyIn which User's to specify which IP's should be allowed the connection to server.

The two method have two options.These two options are same to both methods.

Add Address-In which User's to add which IP's should be blocked and which IP's should be allowed the connection to server.
Delete Address-In which user's to specify the following IP's are not allowed to access the server connection.

Figure 4.6. Specify IP restriction

Specify IP restriction

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