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4.5. User Account Selection

Normally User Account Selection has two options.There are

Use windows user accounts for logging in users.
Create customer user account.

How to create customer User Account?

Customer account can be created by clicking of "configure account" button. A new user account can be created by specifying the username,password,and homepath. Click"Ok"button.The new user can be added to user account.

Figure 4.7. Add user account

Add user account

The user account has the following field.

Login-In which user's to specify the login name of account.This is also the user
name of an account.
Password-In which user's to specify the password of an account.This is a control of user.
Homepath-In which user's to specify the name of homepath. This is the remote path of a computer.

How to delete the user account?

This allows user to delete an account.You will be warned of deletions to prevent unnecessary removals. If user want to delete the particular account then select the account click delete.Then Delete account confirmation dialog box can be displayed.

Figure 4.8. Delete user account

Delete user account

General seetings in Account Creation

Public account-Most FTP server has previouly created account.This account is 
called as public account.It is disable account.
Access Rights-This allows user's to set the file and folder permission.

Figure 4.9. Set permission

Set permission

There are three options are there.
Read-The Read option is unchecked then the file cannot be read.
Write-The Write option is unchecked then we cannot write into the file.
delete-The Delete option is unchecked then the file cannot be deleted.
The user checkout all the options otherwise the file access is denied.
Similarly the folder also have three option
List-The List option is unchecked then the folder contents cannot be listed.
Create-The Create option is unchecked then user cannot create new folder.
Delete-The delete option is unchecked then the folder cannot be deleted.

Timeout After Client sends a command, if the Sysax multi server does not respond, or starts a response but doesn't finish it, then client assumes the connection has timed out,and disconnects.Here,You can enter the amount of time in seconds that client should wait before disconnecting.If you have a very slow connection to a server and it always times out,try using a larger value.

Figure 4.10. Set timeout

Set timeout