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9.2. How to connect the server using putty.exe program?

Steps to connect the server in the regular telnet only shell interface using putty.exe program:

Step 1:
In the Sysax Multi Server control panel,
a) Click "Start Server" button
b) Click "Manage FTP Accounts..." button (Display FTP Account Manager window)

Figure 9.1. Sysax Multi Server control panel

Sysax Multi Server control panel

Step 2:
In the Multi Server Account Setup window,
select any one protocol to be used to grant access to incomming connections.

SSH2 based Secure Shell and SFTP on port.
SSH2 based SFTP only on port.
SSH2 based Secure Shell only on port.
TELNET on port.
FTP and FTPS(SSL/TLS)on port.
FTPS(SSL/TLS)explicit on port.
FTPS(SSL/TLS) implicit on port.

Figure 9.2. Select access protocols and security

Select access protocols and security

Step 3:
To connect the server using putty.exe program:
Double click the putty.exe icon or run the putty.exe command in the command window(display Putty Configuration window)

Figure 9.3. Windows Dos command window

Windows Dos command window

Step 4:
Putty Configuration Window:
a) Set the host name(or IP address)
b) Select the Telnet protocol.
c) Set the connection port to 23
d) Click "Open" button (display putty window)

Figure 9.4. Putty Configuration

Putty Configuration

Step 5:
Putty Window:
Enter login name and password for open Protected FTP account or windows user account.

Figure 9.5. Putty Window

Putty Window

If login name and password are correctly, login to the user account.

Figure 9.6. Putty Window

Putty Window

When user entered the correct login name and password in the putty window for open the windows user account, display a command window. The same contents of the putty window are appearing in the command window.