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Remote Access To Windows Server

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Routing and Remote access also known as RRAS in the windows server family, is well known to system administrators for its reliability and productivity enhancement. Some of the most commonly used features are the dial-up remote server access, Virtual private network (VPN) remote access server, Internet Protocol (IP) router for connecting subnets of a private network, Network address translator (NAT) for connecting a private network to the Internet and the Dial-up and VPN site-to-site demand-dial router.

Inside RAS
One of the most useful services is network address traslation or NAT which provides the small home network or a corporate network the ability to connect to the internet. Firewalls and surf filter programs restrict ports and addresses and make it possible to browse the web safely. The IP router service enables connections across networks through other secondary networks and gateways.

In the past decade, dial-up connection was a popular method of internet access and people connected using a telephone line and modem using a preassigned user name. Today most businesses and even home users use the more reliable VPN connection, which provides windows remote access and secure data transfer.

All of these features are available together as one single RRAS in the windows family, and enable us to build, manage and access the internet, using a varieties of choices for the system administrator.