App Development Tips for Windows 8

April 23rd, 2014 by Rossy Guide

Some Tips:

Windows 8 launches a world of opportunity for student developers and it is Windows made faster, more fluid and responsive to touch. Also it puts apps and active live tiles at everyone’s fingertips. Windows apps are at the center of everything you do. Uniquely, they appear as a ‘tile’ on the Windows Start screen. To open a Windows app the content fills the entire computer screen. And the content is the focus, when UI controls and distractions are minimized.

To build your Windows 8 app, follow these steps.


1. Get your dev tools

2. Build and test your app

3. Publish your app


Get your development tools :


1. Start by getting Windows 8:

You must have Windows 8 installed on your computer and Windows 8 apps require the Windows 8 API for design and testing.

Ways to get Windows 8:

o Free subscription
o Free 90-day trial
o Special offers and upgrades

2. Get Visual Studio and all the tools :

Download Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows 8, including:

o Windows 8 Software Development Kit
o Blend for Visual Studio to create and edit images
o The Windows App Certification Kit (WACK) to test your apps

After installing Visual Studio 2012 Express for Windows 8, install the developer license. Use the above collection of tools to create, code, debug, package, and publish your Windows 8 modern apps.

Build and test your app :

Before submitting your application, you must test it and find the Windows App Cert Kit in the Visual Studio 2012 Express software you downloaded and run the test from the Windows Start screen. Follow these steps:

o Get to your Windows 8 Start screen
o Run the ‘Windows App Cert Kit’ app
o Choose ‘Validate a Windows Store app’
o Select your custom app and select “next”

1. Choose a programming language :

To build a Windows 8 app, use a language you already know:

o HTML / JavaScript
o XAML / C#
o XAML / Visual Basic
o C++ / CX

2. Get hands-on help :

The lab is available in HTML / JavaScript or XAML / C#. Pick the one with which you feel most proficient.

3. Find hundreds of code samples.

Publish your app:

The certification process of Windows 8 app includes:

o Pre-processing
o Security tests
o Technical compliance
o Content compliance
o Release of your app
o Signing and publishing

1. Get the registration code

2. Submit your app


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