How to Create a CentOS Template for vSphere ESX

May 2nd, 2014 by Rossy Guide


The Community Enterprise Operating System (CentOS) is a freely available Linux distribution that is fully binary compliant with the approximate version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This means that it is basically the same as RHEL, although there is no formal support.

Create the Virtual Machine

o Download a CentOS mirror.
o Log into the vSphere Web Client. Navigate to Storage.
o Click “Upload a file to the Datastore”. Select the CentOS ISO image.
o Navigate to Virtual Machines. Right-click the Data Center and select “New Virtual Machine…” from the context menu.
o Leave the default “Create a new virtual machine” selected.
o Name the VM and select the folder to place it in. Then select the compute resource next Datastore then select the compatibility level. This is the virtual hardware version (ESX 5.5 is version 10).
o Select “Linux” for the Guest OS Family. Next Select “Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (64-bit)” for the Guest OS Version.
o Change New CD/DVD Drive to “Datastore ISO File” Select the CentOS ISO that you uploaded and click OK
o Click “Connect At Power On”.
o Next Confirm the Settings. Click Finish.
o Wait for the Virtual Machine to be provisioned.

Install CentOS

o Navigate to the newly created VM. Click the “Actions” drop down menu. Click on “Power On”, and then select “Open Console”.
o Click “Skip” -> Click Next.
o Select the Language for the Install. Click Next.
o Select the Keyboard type. Click Next.
o Keep the default “Basic Storage Device”. Click Next.
o Click “Yes Discard My Data”.
o Click “Configure Network”.
o Select “System eth0? And click Edit.
o Click “Connect Automatically”. Click the IPv4 tab. Then Click Apply.
o Click Close-> Click Next->Select the time zone-> Click Next.
o Set and Confirm the Root Password-> Click Next->Select Use All Space-> Click Next.
o Click “Write Changes to Disk”. Then Wait while the disk is created and formatted.
o Select the “Basic Server” package. Click Next.
o Wait for the Install to complete.
o Click Reboot to Finish the Installation.

Create a CentOS Template for vSphere ESX

o Open the vSphere Web Client and navigate to the CentOS Virtual Machine.
o Right Click the Machine and select All vCenter Actions > Convert to Template.


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