How to Install Sysax FTP Automation

March 12th, 2014 by Rossy Guide

How to Install FTP Automation?

Sysax Multi Sysax FTP Automation is a scripting and scheduling program for Microsoft Windows that enables the creation, debugging, and execution of file transfer related tasks. The following easy steps used for installing Sysax FTP Automation.

o Verify that the setup file is digitally signed by Codeorigin, LLC.
o Double click on the setup file to run the installation wizard.
o Follow on-screen instructions to install Sysax FTP Automation.

Sysax FTP Automation runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows operating system including:

o Windows 95
o Windows 98
o Windows ME
o Windows 2000
o Windows XP
o Windows 2003
o Windows Vista
o Windows 7
o Windows Server 2008
o Windows 8

The minimum hardware required to run Sysax FTP Automation are:

o Pentium Class or higher processor
o At least 16MB of free system RAM
o At least 10MB of hard disk space
o Internet Connection or Local Area Network Connection

Also, it enables Windows System Administrators to easily automate both simple and complex recurring tasks. The tasks can be scheduled to run at any hour of the day or can be triggered to run whenever a change is detected in a monitored folder. Technical support for it is provided by an online support system. Please visit support to submit a support ticket or to check the status of an existing support ticket.


How to uninstall it?

To uninstall Sysax FTP Automation,

o Click the Start button on your computer
o Select the All Programs Menu
o Select Sysax FTP Automation
o Click on Uninstall Sysax FTP Automation
o Follow on-screen instructions to uninstall Sysax FTP Automation


o Click the Start button
o Select Settings
o Select Control Panel
o Select Add/Remove Programs
o Choose Sysax FTP Automation from the list
o Click Add/Remove button
o Follow on-screen instructions to uninstall Sysax FTP Automation

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